CSE Get False DMCA Happy!

Well surprise surprise, creationist abuse the DMCA to silence their critics.  And it’s the brainiacs at CSE, thats Hovind Jnr and cronies, that have been out doing it.  Now I don’t know exactly how many they’ve hit but SkepticTV has heard of 3 smaller you tube channels in the past week that have been hit with false DMCA’s.  The first of them being our own BluJugganaut, he had two or three taken down, all critiques containing short clips from various episodes of Creation Today, all within fair use for commentary and the like so all falsely DMCAed.

Blu shrugs this off, he’s at uni and the counter notice is a chore whilst he’s not got regular internet access and uni work to do.  I know other people might have encouraged him to press the counter notice but it’s his call.  So anyway, press on a few days and I get a

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Until YouTube fixes its bug, check us out!

Until YouTube resolves its bug on recent uploads in people’s subscriptions, we will be posting some of our favorite and recent skeptical videos on YouTube. Bookmark us, add us to your RSS feeds, whatever it takes, and don’t miss another gem on YouTube while they work to fix their problem.

Good Advices by OgreVI

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Only Amenakin Can Redeem Herself

EDIT: Since this post was written, Amenakin has changed her position. Read about it here.

I can’t stand YouTube drama at the best of times. But, since this is a slightly unusual example, I’m going to do something rather out of character and wade in on the issue.

I feel fairly safe is saying that most of us were taken aback by potholer54’s latest nominee for the Golden Crocoduck award, Amenakin. The nominee was, unlike the vast majority of nominees, not male, not Christian and perhaps most surprisingly, not stupid. I would ask anyone who disagrees to watch some of her videos; she’s obviously a sharp and articulate young lady. I think she’s one of the brand of creationist that is simply misinformed.

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and THE STREISAND EFFECT!

Why hello there my pretties.  So, this is not quite the blog post i’d intended, in fac there are two that I have mentally queued up, but this is one that is current and having an effect.

So what’s going on?  Well once again we have the Streisand effect bouncing around on you tube as a young woman unhappy with her Golden Crocoduck nomination decides to DMCA Potholer54.  This use of the DMCA constitutes a false DMCA as nothing in Potholers video was used without acknowledging the source (otherwise who could he have nominated her) and it was done as comment and critisism, and also in an attempt to redress the balance of the so far male dominated awards.

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Waterworks4u and Peter Goodgold An example of snake oil

An Introduction:

I am a youtube user known as Answers in books. I have posted this written post on science of reason because it would seem any attempt to criticize or even mention the company waterworks4u elsewhere is targeted by parties keen on censoring me. I am
eager for my voice to be heard for anyone looking to get a water ionizer be it from waterworks4u, Kangen water, Water for Life,Tyent, Alkalux, IonQuench, Chanson, Watershed, Jupiter, Alkazone, Enagic, Alkalife or any of the other companies selling these machines needs to understand the world they are venturing into. I thank SkepticTV for this opportunity and hasten to point out that science of reason have nothing to do with my written content presented here. Should any of the named parties have issue with this article then they should be clear that I am the lone person responsible for it.

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The Curious Case of the “Water Filter” and the YouTube Video….

So……who here lurks around on youtube much?  How many of you have seen the shennanigans going on at AnswersinBooks youtube channel, some time back he posted a video debunking the claims by an american peddler or water woowoo-ist with a lovely machine.  Said machine is touted as a cure all for any ailments, it works by electrolysing tap water into a nice tastey alkaline drink…..hmmm…..taaaasssty.  Thing is, it’s not really all that good for you to go chugging alkaline fluids, especially as its essentially stuff thats mild versions of draino and bleach…..which completely bollockses up your body chemistry, aside from the being poisinous.  By the way, it’ll feck up your digestive process by neutralising your stomache acid.

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