Monckton Debunked By Monckton

A reasonably large portion of the global warming sceptics regard Lord Monckton quite highly. And his arguments are often used as definite proof that CO2 caused global warming is one big hoax. Because of this he’s often given a soap box at the blog Watts Up With That to make his case. Even Alex Jones is quite fond of him, and often discusses the relationship between the Global Warming Hoax and the New World Order as a tool to establish a dictatorial world Government (sadly I’m not making that one up…).

Its even not uncommon that Monckton is brought forward as a leading expert by politicians to make their cases. As is evident from the times he gave testimonies before governmental committees in the United States.

But if someone uses arguments that have been brought forward by Monckton in a discussion, in my mind you have instantly lost the argument. Monckton has been shown time and time again that he gets the science wrong. So often that I seriously doubt that it is unintentional on his part, that he actually is trying to misinform and misrepresent.

A perfect explanation of why I think this was posted on YouTube by Potholer54 a couple of days ago:

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