Hilarious Mistakes and Quotes by a Muslim Creationist!

On a Dutch football forum, or as the Yanks would say a soccer forum (weirdos), I started having a discussion with a Muslim creationist over a year ago. During this year he displayed the usual ignorance and arrogance. He studies law but has read many books and seen many documentaries on Evolutionary Theory, or so he says. Even after every correction he claimed to be right, like a true Dunning-Kruger. The discussion is in Dutch but I will translate the most hilarious comments and mistakes that he made:

1) I’m not denying Evolution exists, it’s just not the Evolutions the scientists talk about.
2) Evolution says it is possible for a black man and a white woman to give birth to a purple child.
3) Seedless grapes grow out of seeds.
4) Where are the fossils that have half evolved eyes and wings?
5) If The Theory Of Evolution has holes why don’t you choose to believe the theory that has no holes (e.g. Islam)? 
6) Chimp has 48 chromosomes and humans 46 and that because of 2 fused chromosomes? If I fuse 2 chromosomes I get 47 chromosomes not 46!
7) There are no transitional fossils.
8 ) Chromosome 2 holds all our DNA!
9) You don’t have to be a scientist or rocket scientist to know God exists! 
10) Why is there no more Evolution  nowadays?
11) No one has seen the ancestor of humans and chimps. Science is done through observation, so assuming they share a common ancestor is unscientific. 
12) Piltdown Man was a monkey!
13) Darwinists believe cells accidentally came into existence by chance. 
14) There are animals and plants that look the same as they did millions of years ago, where is the evolution huh?
15) Why do we find complex animals in Cambrian layers while they should be somewhere in the middle of development? 
16) We can’t be apes because we have bigger brains and we use language!
17) I’m not a scientist but I know I’m right!
18) Darwinists are stubborn.
19) My sister and I can be observed, we know we are related. Chimps and humans can’t!
20) Francis Collins is blinded by science and knows fuck all about real science.

These are some of the gems this Muslim produced, most are pretty recognizable. After his last rant of bullcrap I was fed up with him and decided to end the discussion. A couple weeks later I handed him an olive branch and gave him a couple challenges:
– Explains in your one words what the common definition (change of allelic frequencies in a population) for Evolution means!
– What would you expect to see in transitional fossils between

  • Land animals and whales
  • Fish and early tetrapods
  • Dinosaurs and birds
  • LCA of chimp/humans and modern humans

– Give me a scientific definition of “apes” and discuss why humans can’t possibly fit within this definition.
– Why do you believe that reading Islamic books and watching documentaries gives you enough experience and knowledge to debate people that actually study this stuff for many years (in colleges and universities around the world)?
– Why is what forensic detectives do real science and what biologists and paleontologists do not? Why the double standard?

That was a month ago!

To be continued!