Reporting Dodgy Science – A New Sense About Science Campaign

Firstly a quick appology to our none British readers, this blog post probably won’t have much bearing on you BUT you could also have a look a the charity thats doing it and see if there’s similar local to you.

There is a charity in the UK called Sense About Science, it’s focus is to equip people to understand science in the media and the like and one of it’s big things is raising awareness of bad science.  I’ve now been to two skeptic type events where they’ve had someone present as a speaker, other aims of the organisation include promoting an evidence based approach and making sure that scientific enquiry is undertaken without stigma or censorship.  Now oddly enough these aims are all things we here at SkepticTV think are jolly good and things that we all need to try and push for to try and deal with the various quacks, loons and peddlers of hokum.

So how can you support them?  Well if you click the above link you’ll get their site and you can poke about and find out whats what.  However if you wanted to be really helpful you could contribute to the fundraising their trying to do for a new campaign so people can Report Dodgy Science.  They’ve got an initial target of £8000 to raise by 22nd of July so they can get this going.

What’s in it for you?  Well aside from that warm fuzzy glow you get for helping someone out you get the ability to ‘report dodgy science’ to an organisation that has around 5000 scientists and the like on it’s books.  There will no doubt be a certain number of 5000 brain boxes that will be chomping at the bit to debunk some dodgy science in their area of expertise.  So it’s a win-win situation, for us, as you can report the stooopid as you find it and then some lucky scientist can smite it in the name of SCIENCE!

If you just want to contribute without having to make any extra clicks the campaigns just giving page is here, remember if you are a UK tax payer you can click the gift aid button for them to recieve the tax money from your donation.  If you arn’t in the UK but like the idea of this then have a google search for your country, there may be a similar organisation there and if not you may have found a niche area for development.