2012 Schedule – Now with Links! (Updated)

So as promised, here is the fundraiser schedule with links.  Don’t forget that we’re raising money for Sense About Science and their Ask for Evidence campaign, they’re also on twitter as is Voice of Young Science.  We have a donations page set up at Just Giving and if you are in the UK you can donate by text message to 70070 with the code STVC99 and state the amount in £’s up to £10.  We’ll be on twitter, you can tweet us direct on @SkepticTV or by using #12hourcall.  The last link you’ll need is where to find us, I’ll post that below…

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Introducing the BCSE

So there I was bimbling about on the web as I’m want to do from time to time and talking scepticy stuffs with people and the BCSE was brought up, now whilst it’s name might sound like its some relative of BSE I can happily assure you that it isn’t.  So what is it?  Well I’m sure that most of you will have heard of the NCSE over in the states, well the BCSE is the British version.

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Reporting Dodgy Science – A New Sense About Science Campaign

Firstly a quick appology to our none British readers, this blog post probably won’t have much bearing on you BUT you could also have a look a the charity thats doing it and see if there’s similar local to you.

There is a charity in the UK called Sense About Science, it’s focus is to equip people to understand science in the media and the like and one of it’s big things is raising awareness of bad science.  I’ve now been to two skeptic type events where they’ve had someone present as a speaker, other aims of the organisation include promoting an evidence based approach and making sure that scientific enquiry is undertaken without stigma or censorship.  Now oddly enough these aims are all things we here at SkepticTV think are jolly good and things that we all need to try and push for to try and deal with the various quacks, loons and peddlers of hokum.

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