Birthday Shenannigans!

So, following on from last nights show here’s the main news item of the week.  On saturday 10th December we will be having a 1 year Birthday show that should last within the region of 12 hours.  Why 12 and not 24?  Well simple, thats how long we were up against Neph in the call that started it all.  We will also be taking to oportunity to do a little bit of fundraising for the Secular Students Allience, this predominantly American based group supports students aolder High School pupils in setting up secular/humanist groups and provide support for any getting grief from religious types.

To this end we intend to hold a charity auction during the show as well as having things set up for people to donate without buying, with that in mind we’re looking out for interesting things that can be auctioned so if you have an item you’d like to donate then get in touch.  We’re also sorting out a guest list of co-hosts and hopefully some special guests, if you’ve got any suggestions for either of them we’d love to hear from you.

Whilst the details will still need to be ironed out we’re looking at doing this provisionally from 7pm to 7am UK time.  We’re planning to do a variety of things which include, but arn’t limited to, a quiz, off the cuff debunkings, interviews and call ins with any special guests and lots of general fun and the usual SkepticTV antics.

Hopefully we’ll see you all there, also Sound is handling all suggestions so e-mail him via or you can contact him via his youtube channel.