Introducing A New Member of the SkepticTV Team

As we mentioned in a previous show we’ve had to say good bye to two of the people that have been with us since we started.  Fefnir was with us on the original call recording it for posterity and HOD was one of the first people outside of the 12 hour call to step up as our support team.  So as a group we started to keep our eyes out for likely candidates to bring our team back up to strength…….for long hours we scoured the web and toiled over our options!

Who did we come up with?  Tylzen, yes…….thats right……the dirty viking cast off that we’ve had co-host with us a few times as a guest on the panel.  He will be joining us as a mod, although he’ll undoubtedly make a few appearances on our panel from time to time, and he’ll be one of DutchLiam’s little pets (and we will make sure that Dutch has him house trained!).

So I hope that you will all give Tylzen a warm welcome in the chat during our shows, if you have any questions to ask and we’re not picking up on them you can pass them on via him and he’ll also be contributing to our blog from time to time.  If you have some time you can check out his youtube channel and the video’s he makes, which include a series on being an atheist parent.

Until next time!