Why I Can’t Be Your Friend

A couple of days ago I received a friend invite on youtube. Since I have a small channel and don’t receive that many invites I always check the channel. This time the invite came from a channel called “maxwellshunt”. A channel about a cute little baby named Maxwell. So far so good.

Interests: God, Jesus Christ, John 3:16, Baby Videos, Pacifiers, Bottles, Breastfeeding, Dunstan Baby Language System, Mommy, Daddy, Brother, Baby Swing, Play Pen, Pack N Play, Baby Talk, Mother Baby Child, 2011, Baby Max, Max,Max & Ruby, Sprout, Elmo, Sesame Street, Christian

Hmmm, God and Jesus are this babies main interests. I’ve sent the parents of this baby a message (somewhere along the lines like this):
Hi Maxwells parents, thank you for your friend invite. Your baby looks very cute. But something struck me….Maxwell’s main interests are God and Jesus. Really? Don’t you think you should give your child the freedom to choose his own beliefs when he grows up? I mean, it’s not like you label your kid Republican or Democrat at this age too! I don’t think you can give a kid that isn’t even a year God and Jesus as his main interests. I’m no fan of religion and this is exactly one of the reasons why. This is why I can’t be your friend. I hope Maxwell grows up to be a smart kid that can think for himself. Peace & love. DL

Nothing wrong with that right? But I wouldn’t say “somewhere along the lines” if I could just copy paste the message I sent them. I don’t see why I’m surprised but the comments were on “Comment pending approval” and seeing it’s been a couple days and new comments have been accepted it’s safe to say they didn’t like mine that much.

“But it’s just a baby” I hear you think. Remember that THEY were the ones that wanted to be my friend on youtube. If they’ve actually read my youtube profile they would’ve known what my thoughts are on religion. One thing I absolutely despise is censorship and I hate it when people don’t have the decency to read my profile before becoming friends or even respond to some simple criticism. I don’t think I have to elaborate on why I think labeling your kid a Christian at such a young age is wrong. These things can really anger me and I’m very close to writing them a pm asking them why they won’t respond to what I’ve said. They contacted me first, I didn’t ask for it, have the decency to respond for the love of………