TWL’s Hour on the Charity Show

So, whilst we’re all running around like mad things getting things organised for the whole 12 hours of saturdays charity show the boys over at Trolling With Logic have not only confirmed with us that they’ll take part but they’ve also organised some guests for their 12 hour STV Charity Show special.  And can I say what awesome guest’s they’ve aquired!!  Seriously, it’s exciting, and apparently we’re not meant to question his powers but it seems zulufighter has been working some mojo.  But anyway, here is their vid announcing their section.  Our trailer is being put together ASAP as we confirm things with the remaining guests, and I can tell you now that we do have some awesome guests coming on, oh yes indeedy!  The full schedule will go up ASAP, an providing I get a chance to sit down and breath we’ll also announce how you can get your hands on some STV goodies!