Blocked By James Delingpole On Twitter

Image from DeSmogBlog

Image from DeSmogBlog

Not a lot of my readers will know that I’m quite active on twitter, despite my near silence on this blog due to a project I’m working on. I often engage other users on twitter, share interesting news, and give my own perspective on events. Well, as far as that is possible within 140 characters.

I like engaging other users on twitter, it helps with getting a feel for what is being said on subjects and why some are saying it. So it’s not strange that because of this I have exchanges with more known users. As long as everyone is respectful to each other this can be an absolute joy.

And this is where James Delingpole comes into the picture.

I started following him on twitter as he’s one of the more outspoken climate science deniers in the media. Who also succeeds in getting a considerable amount of attention for what he publishes. Which of course lead to me responding to some of his tweets/articles.

The last one I sent him, which is probably the one blocked me for, is the following:

@DennisMillerFU @JamesDelingpole I wouldn’t use the breitbart website as a news source… They don’t exactly have a very good track record.

The reason it made me chuckle a bit is that this is a very polite tweet compared to the language Mr Delingpole uses in his tweets and articles. For example the language used in his article “Arguments for wind power are just hot air” (emphasis mine):

I believe that wind farms are a cancer: one of the worst crimes ever perpetrated against the country by Westminster. I want to raise public awareness of just how disastrous these bat-chomping, bird-slicing eco crucifixes are in every single respect.


If there were a single plausible argument in favour of wind power, my task would be a much harder one than it is. But there isn’t. The wind industry is so wrong in every way that to be against it ought to be no more contentious than being against paedophilia. Where wind is concerned we need to stop being Nimbys and learn to be Niabys: not in your back yard, not in my back yard, not in anyone’s back yard.

I took me a while to realize that I was blocked by him as I am quite busy. Just thought I share this as I find it interesting that someone who constantly dishes out cannot deal with a few polite tweets from someone who disagrees with him.

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