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Monckton’s Fundamentally Flawed Simple Climate Model

Guest article written by Rose Andreatta.

moncktonBy the time a team of five climate experts finished responding to the serious errors in a paper led by climate contrarian Christopher Monckton, they had more than a quick critique on their hands. In fact, the team—made up of Mark Richardson, Zeke Hausfather, Dana Nuccitelli, Ken Rice and John Abraham—had so much upon which to comment, they wound up publishing their thorough debunking in the same journal where Monckton and his co-authors published their original paper.

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Climate Changes, But Facts Don’t: Debunking Monckton

For the past 1.5 years there has been very little activity by me on my YouTube channel and on this website. This wasn’t because I had given up on creating content, far from it. During this time I was working, when I could, on a big project. Something I did hint towards a couple of times.

This big project was me going through the parts of a debate Monckton took part it. This debate took place on the 19th of July in 2011 and was held by National Press Club of Australia which had as subject climate change.

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Potholer’s Open Letter To Christopher Monckton

A while back Monckton sort of responded tot he videos Peter Hadfield (Potholer54) made about his misrepresentations and errors on the science of climate change. This eventually did leed to Monckton responding to the videos made about him. And the actual offer for a debate on Watts Up With That.

That article is well worth a read, especially the response Peter made to the claims.

But then silence from Monckton, and he doesn’t delivers on his promise to continue the debate. For which Peter has now called him out on:

Open letter to Christopher Monckton – Please return to the debate

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Monckton Responds To Peter Hadfield

Well Sort of…

Monckton didn’t respond directly to the videos Potholer54 (Peter Hadfield) made documenting and rebutting incorrect or dubious claims made by him.

No, he responded to a commenter who gave a simplified listing of the errors Potholer54 addressed:

This is a response by Christopher Monckton to the comment on the Nurse anti-science thread yesterday by anonymous commenter “The other Brian” who in typical troll style,tries to distract away from the post and point being made with noise.- Anthony

So instead of actually dealing with the excellent videos Potholer produced, he goes after a few lines of text. I think you can guess who made another excellent set of videos documenting how Monckton yet again contradicts himself:

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Monckton: Bringing the Crazy to Kiwi Land

One of the world’s most prominent, and controversial, climate change skeptics, has been in New Zealand this week. Lord Christopher Monckton, the 3rd Viscount of Brenchley, is here as part of a world lecture tour promoting climate change denial. Reporter Benedict Collins met Christopher Monckton in Auckland, and while the Viscount might not believe in global warming, it didn’t take…

Monckton Yet Again Claims He Is Peer Reviewed

Lord Monckton has again garnered some attention, this time due to a debate with Richard Denniss, an economist. A debate that was organised by the National Press Club and was held on the 19th of July.

This debate is already doing it’s rounds on websites like Watts Up With That and has been heralded as a victory by these so called climate sceptics. I’ve watched this one hour long debate in full and I can say it wasn’t a victory for them. It was Monckton yet again repeating his well known, and faulty, talking points.