There is a need for easily-accessible pop science books and shows

In the United States, acceptance of solid sciences such as evolution is below 50%. Most of this ignorance comes from attempts of religion to keep out education and information which would contradict their beliefs. Education is normally the target, with public schools getting budget cuts, teachers requiring to meet standards imposed by non-education people, and textbooks dumbing down curricula. While…

Calling all parodists on YouTube

Certain creationists on YouTube have taken to copying something popular to try to turn it into their own idea. Color me surprised, right? I call forth every parodist and comedian on YouTube to enter this contest to see whether they can do the creationist line better than the creationists themselves. Watch this video on YouTube We all know that creationists…

Until YouTube fixes its bug, check us out!

Until YouTube resolves its bug on recent uploads in people’s subscriptions, we will be posting some of our favorite and recent skeptical videos on YouTube. Bookmark us, add us to your RSS feeds, whatever it takes, and don’t miss another gem on YouTube while they work to fix their problem.

Good Advices by OgreVI

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Sometimes Skeptics are Completely Wrong

I’ve noticed, especially more recently, how often someone I felt was intelligent, reasoned and logical will jump to erroneous conclusions, or profess an opinion that seems too divorced from the world we live in. Whether it is simply believing that person X said Y, with no evidence anywhere supporting this other than the believer just wants it to be true, all the way to someone arguing that person X should accept his or her position in a situation as though it were the believer’s position.

A recent example has been the Rebecca Watson situation. I’ve heard from far too many men, even those who I thought would have known better, that she was taking the action too seriously, and that she should shut up about it, even that she should take it as a compliment.

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