There is a need for easily-accessible pop science books and shows

In the United States, acceptance of solid sciences such as evolution is below 50%. Most of this ignorance comes from attempts of religion to keep out education and information which would contradict their beliefs. Education is normally the target, with public schools getting budget cuts, teachers requiring to meet standards imposed by non-education people, and textbooks dumbing down curricula.

While growing up, I had access to Cosmos, Mr. Wizard, then later Bill Nye, Beakman’s World, and so forth. Today, there is a dearth of such educational programming available anywhere for young minds. Even worse, there’s no such programming around for adults.

The United States is losing its academic prowess in the world because we have allowed the ignorant to dictate what we all should be teaching, learning and understanding.

We need more educational programming, for children and for adults, that is readily available. We need more books for the casual reader, as well as those who can devour a book a night.

We need to start demanding more of those who hold seats in power, especially lawmakers, to establish their scientific understanding. If they think that evolution is a myth and the global climate is not getting hotter each year, then think about what their denial of reality will do to even more important topics like economics.

It’s high time that we demanded more, and supported those who help try to educate the young to the old.