New Series: Science Communicators – Why We Love Communicating Science

Technology and the science it’s based on are everywhere in our society. Understanding science is crucial for navigating yourself through our society and taking part in the political process. Without this we can’t make sound decisions on what we as a society want to do.

It doesn’t mean that someone has to be completely versed in a scientific subject to make informed decisions. With the amount of information we have on all kinds of science subjects and what this means for the issues we face that is just not possible. Though at least a basic understanding is needed.

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There is a need for easily-accessible pop science books and shows

In the United States, acceptance of solid sciences such as evolution is below 50%. Most of this ignorance comes from attempts of religion to keep out education and information which would contradict their beliefs. Education is normally the target, with public schools getting budget cuts, teachers requiring to meet standards imposed by non-education people, and textbooks dumbing down curricula. While…