AGU Fall Meeting Day 1 – Education And Science Outreach

The past days I’ve been at the AGU Fall Meeting interviewing scientists and experts, going to presentations, visit poster sessions, checking out exhibitions, and meeting a lot of interesting folks. Basically I’m gathering information and content on a lot of climate science and science communication related subjects.

Via my Twitter account you can get the latest updates on what I’m up to. You can also follow the AGU hashtag. Next to using the contact form on Real Skeptic my Twitter account is the most reliable way to get in touch with me.

For every day of the Fall Meeting you’ll see an article from me about interesting sessions, exhibits, and other goings-on at the Fall Meeting. 

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Anti-evolution And Anti-climate Science Bills Laid Bare

Before I became active on YouTube I wasn’t aware of the NCSE, but I’ve become a big supporter of this organisation in the past few years, as they provide a very valuable service: NCSE is a not-for-profit membership organization that defends the teaching of evolution and climate change in the public schools. NCSE provides information, resources, and advice to schools,…

Teaching Evolution In A Climate Of Science Denial

I’ve written before on how the creationism and intelligent design movement, and the discussions surrounding it in the United States, is quite the alien concept to me. With the very few things that I do know about biology, evolution and the scientific method that these proposed “theories” have absolutely no scientific merit whatsoever.

So I’m still amazed at how effective they have been, and still are, at spreading their disinformation. They have been especially effective with creating arguments that sound convincing, but when you take a closer look you find out that it’s just not supported by anything in science. In almost every single case it’s an argument/question that has already been dealt with by scientists.

This is the reason the following post on SkepticTV caught my attention. It also shows why it is important that organisations like the NCSE exist, and how important they are with helping teachers and schools in countering the nonsense:

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Teaching Evolution in a Climate of Science Denial

As promised this is where I found out about the paintings from my last post.  Steven Newton of the NCSE gave a talk about the above topic and whilst it does focus on one scientific concept I think it’s fair to say it can be loosely ascribed to all topics if the science denialism really does spread laterally.  It also shows that creationism is much more wide spread in the states than some of us (myself included) would have realised.  I know that there are a few creationist churches within modest driving distance of where I live, although I’m not aware of any of their kids challenging their teachers the way some do in the states.

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A Window Into The Minds Of Fundamentalist Christians – One Nation Under God

This is something that I’ve taken from a video of a talk I plan to post soon but I thought I’d post this first.  The talk is by one of the chaps in the NCSE and whilst at the time of writing my post on that isn’t written when it is you’ll find the link here.  The speaker uses the image I’ll link you too below as one of a number to help set the scene for his talk, and this one in particular gives you a good dea of how they think.  And to be honest I’ve got to agree, which has nothing to do with him being a fellow geologist (although that does make him awesome!).

The painting dpicts a scene where jebuz has pitched up outside the white house where he dangles a copy of theAmerican constitution, behind him is an assortment of dead people from various points in American history, to the front left are representatives of what makes America great at the moment and then to the right are some of those that are hell bound, including a cameo from ol’ horny

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Introducing the BCSE

So there I was bimbling about on the web as I’m want to do from time to time and talking scepticy stuffs with people and the BCSE was brought up, now whilst it’s name might sound like its some relative of BSE I can happily assure you that it isn’t.  So what is it?  Well I’m sure that most of you will have heard of the NCSE over in the states, well the BCSE is the British version.

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Things that make Wombles’ Angry…

Ok, I’m coming to this one a little late.  It’s something Bair got me on to a while ago but I’m only just following up now.  It started with a link to PZ Myers blog Pharyngula and it all snowballed (or should that be Wombled?) from there.

Everyone thats seen a creationist in action knows how slimey and duplicitous they can be, some are inept and don’t do it with finesse (think Nephy here) and others are dangerously slick and smooth (but it’s clear to those watching).  This story starts with the Geological Society of Americas conference, one of the things us Geologists like to do at such gatherings is to go and find some hapless field locations to molest (and some pub action too).  It turns out that one of the trips that was organised was put together by some well known American creationists…..

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