A Window Into The Minds Of Fundamentalist Christians – One Nation Under God

This is something that I’ve taken from a video of a talk I plan to post soon but I thought I’d post this first.  The talk is by one of the chaps in the NCSE and whilst at the time of writing my post on that isn’t written when it is you’ll find the link here.  The speaker uses the image I’ll link you too below as one of a number to help set the scene for his talk, and this one in particular gives you a good dea of how they think.  And to be honest I’ve got to agree, which has nothing to do with him being a fellow geologist (although that does make him awesome!).

The painting dpicts a scene where jebuz has pitched up outside the white house where he dangles a copy of theAmerican constitution, behind him is an assortment of dead people from various points in American history, to the front left are representatives of what makes America great at the moment and then to the right are some of those that are hell bound, including a cameo from ol’ horny himself.  As you scroll your mouse over the image of the painting (which I’m unable to insert in here due to some code blocking thing due to copyright or such) you get a litle spiel about each to the side of the painting.  And it’s this thats the really telling part, it’s basically down to the Yankyboys being all good and dandy because they’re god fearing and how that’s made them great……you get the gist, I’ll not push it any further incase I hit your gag reflexes.

However with the interwebz being what they are there are a number of parodies of this out there and whilst I’ve included a more straight one there is a Cuthulu one out there for all of you that dig that shizzle.  In addition to the parody I’m giving you links to two other paintings by the auther, one related to Obama and the other is just for the masochistic shits and giggles.  Now as I said you can scroll over stuff on these for some blurb, and it’s not just one or two things, it’s near enough everything.  Also if anyone finds some other parodies that are funny post them in the comments below, if there’s a parody of the other two paintings post it in the comments and I’ll try and remember to edit them in.  But anyway……..STAND BY FOR NAUSEA!

One Nation Under God

One Nation Under God – Parody

The Forgotten Man – It’s a bit of a follow up

Peace Is Coming – for the hardcore lulz

Please let me know if the links are duff, and also I accept no liability for any nausea or vomiting due to these posts……