Introducing the BCSE

So there I was bimbling about on the web as I’m want to do from time to time and talking scepticy stuffs with people and the BCSE was brought up, now whilst it’s name might sound like its some relative of BSE I can happily assure you that it isn’t.  So what is it?  Well I’m sure that most of you will have heard of the NCSE over in the states, well the BCSE is the British version.

The BCSE was formed to defend the teaching of science against the efforts of creationists funded by other creationists in the USA and Australia.  It’s manned by volunteers from all walks of life and all that is required for membership is the desire to defend science education in Britian.  They responded to the efforts of Truth in Science when they sent creationist properganda to schools to use in science lessons (clicky), they have something which they call creation watch and is explained here and recently they helped to promote the Creationism In Schools Isn’t Science (CrISIS) Campaign.

They have a number of useful links for things relating to education, science, creationism and lobbying so well worth checking out.  Also if you are in the UK with a school age child (or know of people that do) and you ever have a genuine concern about something you’ve heard relating to creationism getting taught in schools the BCSE should be able to advise as it does have a number of teaching professionals.  In addition you could also contact Sense about Science for advice.

So spread the word!