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Ventures Into Scepticism

Real Sceptic has its origins as a companion site for the videos produced by Collin Maessen. The site has progressed beyond this original purpose and now predominantly includes articles that are independent of the content released on YouTube. However this original content is still an important part of the site.

This page serves as an archive for videos produced and released on YouTube. You can find full transcripts, source listing and used media files for the videos. We are currently in the process of transcribing all the audio.

Please note that the first nine videos are of a substantial lower quality than videos that were produced after these. As these first nine videos were as much, and in some case more, about learning to edit videos and learning how to tell a story in sound and images.

Video description

A little update as I've been silent for a long time.

For those that do not have the time to watch a two hour video in one sitting I'll be uploading the individual segments. This should provide at most 10 minutes of video each day, provided something else doesn't take precedence as I do have other obligations.

You can also send me your suggestions for topics that I should cover in my new videos. You can send them to me via PM here on YouTube or sending it to me via my website. The more I'm sent something the more likely it is that I'll make a video about it.

Please note that I'll be setting this video to unlisted in a couple of days.
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As you might have noticed from the two hour video I just uploaded, I'm back.

Now I can imagine you do not have the time to sit down and watch a two hour YouTube video. This is the reason I'll also be uploading the individual segments of this video. If possible, as I do have other obligations, you will see about 10 minutes of new video each day. This should be a manageable size for most people.

After those segments have been uploaded I'll be returning to my regular schedule of about one video each two to four weeks. I already have a few ideas of what the subjects of those videos will be, but please send in your suggestions. They are a great source of inspiration for videos, and for blog posts on my website. The more of you send me the same suggestion the more likely it is that I'll be making a video about it.

Till next time.

Ventures Into Scepticism