First Show

Yesterday was the first show of SkepticTV with as hosts AngryWomble, csbair, lefayad1991, SoundOfScilence and Yoshemo. They introduced themselves and gave a short introduction about what the SkepticTV show will entail. They then continued with the subject of the show “What The Movies Get Wrong”.

With a few side excursions we covered a wide range of movies, among them were the Jurassic Park movies, Star Trek, The Day After Tomorrow, The Core, Independence Day and Star Wars.

We are quite happy with how our first show went. We are aware that it was a bit unstructured and that there were a few glitches with playing the sound bites and clips. But in all it went extremely well and we would love to hear your feedback and opinions on the show.

We will strive to make the next show better and we are currently busy with adapting/adjusting our “broadcast studio” so that it can handle sound files better. Also the next show will have one of our team members as a primary host who will be in charge of the show. Which should give our show a more structured format.


Recordings of our show will be made available on our YouTube channel as soon as possible. And we hope to see you on our next show.


Collin Maessen is the founder and editor of Real Skeptic and a proponent of scientific skepticism. For his content he uses the most up to date and best research as possible. Where necessary consulting or collaborating with scientists.