Are cosmic rays causing global warming?

I know the blogs will tell you that that a correlation between cosmic rays and temperature has been shown, and once you believe this it may be hard to convince you of the science. However let’s have a go….

There are two supposed correlations:
Svensmark and Friis Kristensen wrote a paper on a correlation between sunspots and temperature during the 20th century, which they attributed to the varying intensity of cosmic rays with solar activity. However, this turned out to be the result of a mathematical error. Cosmic rays have been measured over the last 50 years and they vary with the 11-year solar cycle. There has been no increase at all, whereas average global temperatures have been increasing.

Shaviv and Veiser wrote a paper on a correlation between cosmic rays caused by the Earth’s passage through our galaxy’s spiral arms and global temperature over the last 500 million years. But Rahmstorf and others showed that Shaviv and Veizer may have misinterpreted the meteorite data on which the periodicity that passage was calculated, and the model doesn’t fit the data well anyway (by comparison, there’s an almost perfect correlation between CO2 levsla dn global temps over the same period.) while the press release that accompanied Shaviv and Veizer’s paper announced that their results showed that recent global warming can be explained by galactic cosmic rays, the paper itself said that that recent global warming canNOT be explained by galactic cosmic rays.

As I said in my video, read the scientific papers, not the blogs.



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