UPDATE: Amenakin Has Redeemed Herself (kinda)

Last week I left a post here giving my thoughts on the YouTube drama between potholer54 and Amenakin. Given the readily apparent rationality of both parties involved, I felt sure that the two could come to some arrangement, and indeed they have. This video was posted identically on both YouTube channels.

As I’d hoped in my previous post, Amenakin has apologised for her misrepresentation of Darwin’s theory of evolution. She has shown outstanding intellectual honesty by removing the original video and posting another in which she explains the deletion (unlike, some creationists I could mention who delete such content to try and pretend that they never made a mistake in the first place).

This has, of course, disqualified her from the Golden Crocoduck award, and rightly so. So is all else otherwise well? Well, yes and no. She’s still a creationist and intelligent design advocate, but since she’s not trying to spread misinformation on the subject, I think we can leave her beliefs in peace. My only small problem is that she is upholding her DMCA charges. I won’t get into copyright again here, but she still hasn’t a leg to stand on regarding the legislation. We’ll see how this unfolds in due course. Whether or not this is an ignorance of copyright law or protection from any future criticism, Amenakin needs to wise up to how the internet is run.



Here are links to both copies of the video.