How to hide most of China’s coal consumption

Last week a co-worker pointed me towards the Twitter account of Dutch research journalist Marcel Crok. His concern was mostly with some recent factually incorrect tweets on this account. But as I started to browse through his time-line another tweet grabbed my attention. The tweet has since been running through my mind. Not because it is a particularly good tweet, or that it makes a good point. It’s not even a funny tweet either. In fact, I find this tweet so fascinating because there is a lot wrong with it.

Top Gear And The Nissan Leaf

It has been silent for a while at Top Gear about Electric vehicles. But with their latest review on the Nissan Leaf and the Peugeot iOn they have stirred up a bit of a controversy.

In it their report on both cars Jeremy Clarkson and James May set off for Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, 60 miles away. During their report they made a lot of palava about the range, searching for a charging point and actually ran out of power. And they stressed the point they had to wait for 15 hours before the battery was charged again. Slamming the electric car quite hard for a lack of infrastructure for charging and battery range.

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Gas From Fracking Worse Than Coal

UPDATE: The Cornell paper is now available in final, published format here: “Methane and the greenhouse-gas emissions footprint of natural gas from shale formations.” I’ve written before on my doubts on the current push for natural gas drilling in the United States with hydraulic fracturing (fracking). But now there’s even research from Cornell University that will soon be published that concludes natural gas produced…