Stigmabusting on Mental Illness

So ok, you are still waiting on the post I was going to right yesterday.  It will come, I’ve just been busy today and not got the time to do it.  Instead I’d like so share something I found on You Tube.  It’s a TED talk, and some other vids, about a woman coming out about her mental illness and trying to end the stigma



A tale of mental illness | Elyn Saks

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General Safety for the Late Night Bar Scene

Ok, this isn’t the blog post I was expecting to write today (although I will still come back to that one when I next get the time), this blog post is an extended reply to a comments discussion on youtube as simply the 500 characters space will not be sufficient for what I wish to say.  Hence bringing this hear, I will also (at some point) get the respective yt comments threads and paste them below this entry so that you’ve got the whole context, it’s not something I have the time to do at the moment.

So why this post?  Well this stems from the video Bair posted on youtube letting people know he’d written his blog piece about the whole Tf/sexual harrasement who-har that’s kicked off.  In the comments section I’ve been responding to a number of people about various things, and the whole late night coffee invite in a lift thing has come back up.  And there’s this one guy that I think, quite frankly mind, really does not get it at all.  I’m not going to name him in this post but I will be addressing him with it and I’ll make sure he’s aware of this so he can reply here (although a very quick note on new commenters, the first post will need approval but that is to prevent spam posts by bots, all other posts are auto approved from then on).

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Time For Some Peer Review!

So then boys and girls, it’s time to get down to something new and interesting, thats right, BRING ON THE PEER REVIEW BAY-BEH!  Sadly though it’s not the peer review of some science (I bet you were all hoping that I’d get geek with some rocks), instead it’s the review of something interesting thats gone on recently on the blogsphere.  Specifically someones collected some ‘data’ and are busy making graphs of it when really they should be ensuring that what they have is reliable and accurate and that their sampling hasn’t been biased…..  So what am I on about? Why thunderfoots latest blog post of course, original can be found here.

Ok, a quick re-cap for those that have been as clueless as I normally am when this sort of thing kicks off.  It was blogged here (with follow up here) that DJ Grothe had announced that he’d never heard about sexual harrasement taking place at TAM, dispite a number of women reporting it.  As you can imagine there was then a bit of a purturbation in the fecal matter field about this on the internet!  The next thing that I’m aware of is this vid on youtube by Stealth Badger, be warned….Badger is on full form in this 😉 :

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How Coughlan Won the Internet (But Failed at Fact-checking)

For those looking for someone to attack Coughlan’s recent Twitter storm on the English Defense League (EDL), you are in for a disappointment. I consider Coughlan’s ridicule of #creepingsharia to be both deserved and hilarious. A quick recap of affairs (skip this paragraph if you know it), EDL spokesman and general blockhead Tommy Robinson tweeted his consternation at the use of a…

There is a need for easily-accessible pop science books and shows

In the United States, acceptance of solid sciences such as evolution is below 50%. Most of this ignorance comes from attempts of religion to keep out education and information which would contradict their beliefs. Education is normally the target, with public schools getting budget cuts, teachers requiring to meet standards imposed by non-education people, and textbooks dumbing down curricula. While…

Seasons Greetings!

By season I mean Winter (although it doesn’t feel that late in the year for me) and that of course infers the midwinter festivities that many people will be partaking thereof.  Now that will be a nice cosy christmas, or a boozey haze of general gluttony and over indulgence.  Presents will be unwrapped, arguements will be had, children will be hyper, hangovers will be nursed and all the usual sorts of shenanigans that take place over the next week or so.  And with that in mind SkepticTV would like to wish you all a happy and safe time no matter what you are doing or how you are celerbrating it.  And as our contribution we have composed the following, you will have to imagine the tune in your head and our voices singing it…..which might lead you to drink but here we go!

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There are some things in life that no one likes to have to deal with at any time of the year, let alone a time of year like this, i.e one that is supposed to be family focused.  I’m not going to name any names in the blog post but it is in responce to the recent news on youtube about a very popular member of the ‘atheist community’ having lost one of their younger family members to cancer.  Yes, I know that you can easily work out who’s family this is but I’d like to respect their privacy a little as they grieve, this is my English sense of propriety kicking in a little.

This blog post has two purposes though, and the first one is simple enough.  I know I am not the only member of SkepticTV to have small people running around in the family and we all know that said small people are some of the most precious things that we can have in life.  We know how much having them in our lives enriches them, and dispite the fact we might have to routinely run the roulette of ‘will they pass on their shiny new infection to me’ we wouldn’t change them for the world.  So we would like to express our condolences to this family and hope that they can find comfort and solace as they support each other.

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