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Real Sceptic has its origins as a companion site for the videos produced by Collin Maessen. The site has progressed beyond this original purpose and now predominantly includes articles that are independent of the content released on YouTube. However this original content is still an important part of the site.

This page serves as an archive for videos produced and released on YouTube. You can find full transcripts, source listing and used media files for the videos. We are currently in the process of transcribing all the audio.

Please note that the first nine videos are of a substantial lower quality than videos that were produced after these. As these first nine videos were as much, and in some case more, about learning to edit videos and learning how to tell a story in sound and images.

Video description

A little thank you towards my new subscribers and the people who have supported me.

The promoters:

The cool list:


The latest couple of influxes of subscribers have left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

And in no small part were these caused by fellow YouTubers who found me worthy of a shout out. Which surprises me each time that people are willing to promote my channel. For that I can only say: Thank you. Without you guys this wouldn't have happened.

Passing the 250 subscribers mark has been a nice closing point in the last year that I've been actively producing videos on YouTube. Yes it has been that long already. I published my first video on the 14th of March of 2010, a response to none else than Nephilimfree. Although Neph at the time was a bit more lenient with how fast he banned people, I was banned 10 days later. Fetching up my first YouTube achievement.

You know I've blocked two thousand or so people. Roughly two thousand people.

And since then I've been slowly working on producing more videos on a variety of topics. And slowly passing a few big milestones. Well, big for me that is.

Like getting my very first subscriber.

Global warming is global death!

Eh, lets not dwell on that one. Better examples would be the first video that passed 1,000 views. Or passing 10,000 total views, something I was quite chuffed about.

However the one thing that I didn't expect is that I would find new friends on YouTube. And I've met a lot of people that I respect for their opinions, might not always agree with them, but they make me think. And that's one quality I truly appreciate.

I've had a lot of fun here on YouTube thanks to them, and learned more than I've ever thought possible. Thanks to the videos they made, or thanks to good discussions I've had with them. Although it wouldn't be the internet with some of the more familiar exchanges being the norm.

CHURCH: You deserve to die! Die and go to hell and burn!

SARGE: Oh yeah, well I hope you get raped, twice! Maybe then you feel different. Jerk!

GRIF: We don't need to find any weapons of mass destruction we just need want to find them. That's the way it works!

SIMMONS: I voted for Nader I hate everyone!

Now I know I haven't been producing many videos in the past months. And you probably suspect I'l be giving some excuse as how busy I've been. To tell the truth, I'm always busy, and it hasn't prevented me before from producing the odd video. Unfortunately there were a few other reasons why I haven't been that active.

For one that I caught almost every single bug that was going around here, coupled with a few other issues, it left me feeling really drained and tired. However, I'm feeling a lot better now, and I am back at producing videos. So expect some new releases from me in the next couple of weeks.

However, to lets say, to get some extra creative juices flowing. I'm open for suggestions for video topics, or videos you think might be interesting to respond to. And I'll see what I can do. And I'll even appreciate any further feedback or suggestions.

In the mean time however I'll give you guys a sneak peak in my kitchen. A look into what I do to make these videos. To give them their look and feel, and a certain flair. Or in other words, it's blooper time, enjoy.

 As current research indicates that positive effects are reduced or offset by envirnm [censored].


As current research indicates that positive fee... fuso.

As current research indicates that positive effects are reduced or offset by envirnm... Grah!



Media resources

  1. Red vs Blue Internet vs Real Life
  2. Day 59, Project 365 -- 12.18.09 by William Brawley
  3. Sick by Leonid Mamchenkov
  4. happy jumping girl by River Beach
  5. Stabbed Pineapple Juice by NOGG3R5

Ventures Into Scepticism